MB series

MB series positioned in the middle-range market, good sound and reliable quality make of MB series the best option for entertainment applications due to its long lasting.
MB series adopt new upgraded circuitry and use more efficient toroidal transformer power supply by controlling the magnetic field interference and reducing the weight of the product. With the new upgraded circuitry design, the hum noise is reduced making background music wider and deeper, much more detailed and penetrating for off beat sound.
MB series can be used for various kinds of entertainment and multimedia projects.


  • Class AB (MB2000/MB2500) and Class H (MB3500/MB4500/MB5500) power modules.
  • XLR signal input and SpeakON Nl4.
  • Specific optical volume control technology in order to increase the S/N rate.
  • Adopting temperature gain control technology, it stabilizes the power output with 8Ω/4Ω load.
  • Protection functions added: Short circuit, DC, clip limiter, over-heat,  over-load.
  • Stable and reliable quality due to its new upgraded circuitry and high quality toroidal transformer power supply.


MODEL MB2000 MB2500 MB3500 MB4500 MB5500
8Ω Stereo Power 450Wx2 520Wx2 830Wx2 1100Wx2 1250Wx2
4Ω Stereo Power 675Wx2 800Wx2 1250Wx2 1650Wx2 1950Wx2
2Ω Stereo Power 1000Wx2 1200Wx2 1850Wx2 2160Wx2 2700Wx2
8Ω Bridge Power 1350W 1600W 2500W 3300W 3900W
4Ω Bridge Power 1150W 1700W 3700W 4320W 5400W
Freq.Resp 20Hz-20KHz,(±0.5dB)
THD+N <0.05%
Slew rate 20V/μs
DAMPING Factor >200@8Ω
Dynamic range ≥90dB
S/N rate >80dB
Input imped.(bal/unbal.) 0.775Vrms 0.775Vrms/1.0Vrms/1.4Vrms
Voltage gain 37.8dB 38.6dB 40.2dB 41.7dB 42.3dB
Input impedace (Bal./unbal.) Balance 20K/unbalance 10K
Output circuit class CLASS AB 3 STEPS CLASS H
Hi-Pass Filter - 30Hz@-3dB
Lo-Pass Filter - 150Hz@-3dB
Packing Dimensions(mm) L635XW600XH225
Net weight 27.2KG 27.2KG 33.3KG 33.3KG 35KG
1、Note:*,The power are tested under EIA standard.
2、**,The power are tested under the condition of 1KHz,THD1%,40ms burst.