CA series

CA, defined a generation transformer power amplifier in China, Now, who can beyond this legend?


  • Class AB(CA9) and Class H(CA12、CA18、CA20)power modules.
  • Power Factor Correction technology and Universal Mains R-SMPS.
  • XLR signal input and SpeakON Nl4.
  • Input sensitivity selector on the back panel (0.775V / 1V / 32dB).
  • Routing mode selector on the back panel (stereo / bridge / parallel).
  • Link mode selector (1-in 4-out / 2-in 4-out).
  • Channel independent protection and clip warning indicators on the front panel.
  • Channel independent power and -5dB/-10dB/-20dB/signal presence indicators on the front panel.


Model CA9 CA12 CA18 CA20
Output power (AC 220V / 50Hz. ±10%, All channels driven output power, THD=1%)
8Ω stereo 550W x2 800W x2 1100W x2 1300W x2
4Ω stereo 950W x2 1275W x2 1725W x2 2025W x2
2Ω stereo 1300W x2* 1700W x2* 2300W x2* 2700W x2*
8Ω bridge 1900W 2550W 3450W 4050W
4Ω bridge 2800W* 3400W* 4600W* 5400W*
Other specification
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz(+/-0.5dB)
THD+N <0.2% <0.1% <0.1% <0.1%
S/N rate >80dB
Damping factor >100 >300 >300 >300
Input sensitivity 0.775V/1.0V/1.4V
Input impedance(bal/unbal)
Voltage gain (8 ohm) 39.1dB 40.3dB 41.7dB 42.7dB
Output circuitry Class AB Class H Class H Class H
Dimension / Weight
Product Dimension(mm) 483x432x89 483x432x133 483x432x133 483x432x133
Packaging Dimension(mm)
G.W. 29kg 34kg 41kg 41kg
The above packing dimensions, net weight, and gross weight are for reference only. The accurate values are subject to the identification on the batch of products.
1、*,The power is tested under the condition of 40ms burst,1kHz sine wave and 1% THD.
2、**,The power is tested under the condition of 20ms burst,1kHz sine wave and 1% THD.
3、Other power is tested under EIA standard.
4、SAE reserves the right to make any changes to the product specifications without prior notice. Final specifications to be found in the user manual.